Events taking place:


Buildings in Ralston, such as the school,  church, Rec Centre where the pool and theatre are will be open from 10 am till 1 pm on Saturday, August 12.   


The Ralston Rodeo will be happening behind the school, starting at 1 so there will be lots of displays and vendors to see if you are interested.


Lunch at the Suffield Community Hall will be a come and go from 11:30 am on till people stop coming.

Come celebrate Canada's 150th birthday back in Ralston, Suffield and Medicine Hat.
Save the dates: August 12 & 13, 2017.

There will be a dinner and dance with music provided my Mark Flanagan Music;  at the Cypress Centre in Medicine Hat - 2055 21 Ave SE


Doors open at 5:00 

Cocktails at 5:30

Dinner at 6:30

Dance at 9:00

Sunday we would like to to have a picnic at Kincoulee Park for all guests and their families.  Please email if you are planning to attend. Thank you.

Hope to see you all in August 2017.

Check out the lists of people and email any contact information you may have to

For many of us, this may be the last chance to see long lost friends.
Make this reunion your summer holiday this year.
Hope to see you all there.
Adie, Candace - Paid
Adie, Christopher - Paid
Aman, Greg - Maybe
Aman, Leslie - Paid
Amyotte, Johanne - Paid
Amyottte, Marion - Paid
Amyotte, Pam - Paid
Anson, Don - Paid
Beare, Allison - Paid
Bengston, Cynthia - Maybe
Bengston, Greg
Bickerton, Valerie - Maybe
Bongaards, Karen - Maybe
Bonin, Norm Sr & Alice - Yes
Bonin, Norman Stuart - Yes
Bryant, Ira - Paid
Bryant, Relda - Paid
Butz, Linda - Maybe
Buzinski. Robert -Paid
Carpenter, Mark - Paid
Clark, Darryl - Paid
Coffey, Kathleen - Maybe
Corcoran, John - Paid
Cyganik, Jan - Maybe
Cyganik, Paul - Maybe
Davey, Heather - Paid
Davids, Ellen - Paid
Davids, Lorne - Paid
Deren, Darlene - Paid
Deren, Gary - Paid
Deren, Marlene - Paid
Doucet, Andrew - Maybe
Draper, Bev - Maybe
Duthie, John - Maybe
Dyck, Barbara - Maybe
Dyck, Darcy - Maybe
Dyck, May Lou - Maybe
Dyck, Pat - Maybe
Dyck, Trent - Maybe
Dyck, Wanda - Maybe
Fairhusrt, Clint - Paid
Fairhurst, Randy - Paid
Ferguson, Ada-Jane - Maybe
Ferguson, Joanne - Paid
Ferguson, John - Paid
Filanti, Tim - Maybe
Fish, Erik - Paid
Fish, Ingrid - Paid
Fish, Karen - Maybe
Forsberg, Lance - Maybe
Forsberg, Lois - Maybe
Francis, Norman - Paid
Hamblin, Mr. Mervin & Mrs. Barbara - Paid
Hauck, Greg - Paid
Hicken, Bob - Paid
Hicken, Carol - Paid
Hicken, Lynn - Paid
Hicken, Shirley - Paid
Holdsworth, Bill - Paid
Holdsworth, Francie - Paid
Holdsworth, John - Maybe
Howlett, Beverly
Howlett, Dorothy - Paid
Hurlbut, Persis - Paid
Jackman, Mark - Maybe
Jackson, Wayne - Maybe
Johnson, Margaret - Paid
Joliff, Sarah - Maybe
Kerrigan, Kerry - Paid
Kerrigan, Patsy - Paid
Konosky, Karen - Paid
Konosky, Peter - Paid
Kottmeier, Colleen - Paid
Kottmeier, Cynthia
Kottmeier, Dale - Maybe
Kottmeier, Kathleen - Paid
Kramer, Barb - Paid
Krohn, Trudie
Lambe, David - Paid
Lambe, Jim - Paid
Leahy, David
Leahy, Margot
Leahy, Paul
Lemna, Frank - Paid
Levere, Karen - Paid
Levere, Tracey - Paid  
Lightfoot, Gary - Paid
Lightfoot, Shirley - Paid
MacDonald, Heather - Paid
MacDonald, David - Paid
MacDonald, Lynn - Paid
MacDonald, Lynne
MacDonald, Scott
MacDonald, Shona - Maybe
MacDonald, Teri - Maybe
MacDonald, Collin (Ward) Maybe
May, Raymond - Paid
McCallum, Carol - Paid
McCallum, Janice - Paid
McCarroll, Betty-Anne - Maybe
McDonell, LeeAnn - Paid
McDonell, Mary Lou - Paid
McIvor, Andrew - Maybe
McKenzie, Mrs. Marion (Elsie) - Paid
Moser, Jim - Paid
Myers, Lynn - Paid
Myers, Mrs. Memory - Paid
Naylor, Anthea - Paid
Nishimoto, Linda - Paid
Nishimoto, Wendy - Paid
Olmstead, Brett - Paid
Olmstead, Calvin - Paid
Olmstead, Glenn - Maybe
Olmstead, Veda - Paid
Palmer, Elizabeth - Paid
Palmer, Kathy - Maybe
Payne, Lavar - Maybe
Pennie, Ross (Sandy) - Maybe  
Pennie, Sheena - Paid
Rance, Ben - Paid
Rance, Debra
Rance, Kathleen
Rance, Terry-Lynn - Paid
Richardson, Gerald - Paid
Scheck, Karen - Paid
Silliphant, Bob - Paid
Silliphant, Glenn - Paid
Sweet, Sheila - Maybe
Swenson, Linda - Maybe
Taylor, Marilyn - Paid
Thain, Trevor -Maybe
Titsing, Darby - Maybe
Torgerson, Natasha (Brenda) - Maybe
Torgerson, Cathy - Maybe
Veale, Charlene - Paid
Vesso, Jim - Paid
Vesso, John - Maybe
Vesso, Margaret - Maybe
Walker, Brian - Maybe
Walker, Yvette - Maybe
Walker, Yvonne - Maybe
Walters, Cindy - Paid
Whitney, Ralph - Paid
Willoughby, Jayne - Paid
Withers, Ken

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